Wes Borg takes a solo as P. Orville, the boy who ran off to join the carnival. The love of his (albeit short so far) life has been taken away by her neglectful father and Orville expresses himself by singin' the blues.

Grayson backs him up in the sad key of C minor.

From the second season of Sin City: The Improvised Soap Opera

Here's Grayson and accordion maestro David P. Smith rehearsing Heather Leaves, one of Grayson's instrumental numbers, for a show headlined by accordionist-chanteuse Ana Bon Bon.

The show was proposed by David following a post-show get together which saw Grayson, Geoff Berner, and David P. Smith mesmerize attendees with a three accordion serenade.

David's got lots more great stuff on his A Song a Week blog.

Hearse - Bonnie.mp3

Here's Hearse - Grayson and J McLaughlin - performing J's song Bonnie from Cavalcade of the Scars, a compilation released by Self Righteous Records in 2006.

You can apparently purchase it on Amazon if you so desire. Jesse probably needs the coin.

"I think we were watching the X-Files. Or at least, I think I was watching it." - Grayson

An exerpt of an upcoming Carolyn Mark release featuring Mr. Walker on the piano!.mp3

Grayson helps Carolyn get down and dirty on this rollicking examination of the philosophy of the working stiff.

(PG-13: Maybe don't play this at work if where you work, you shouldn't.)

Drinko Bingo Original Theme!_rc.mp3

The original theme from 2001. Opened nearly three years of Drinko Bingo nights at Logan's Tavern in Victoria, BC.

UPDATE: Back at Logan's Tavern! "Like" the Drink-o Bingo Facebook Page now!

You can currently check out Drink-O-Bingo every Monday from 7PM to close at The Cambie Esquimalt!

Playing double duty on piano and organ for the Victoria Covers performance of Bob Dylan's Highway 61 in its entirety!

Dylan played by David Chenery, with Tolan McNeil, Michael Wren, Kelly Klassen, and Rad Juli.

Still diggin' the hat here. It was later traded to Mr. Wren in a relatively fair exchange.

On the 2011 Gulf Islands Christmas Tour with a whole bunch of folks. Here they are joining Wes Borg on his lovely ode to Christmas Spirit!

With Carolyn Mark, Tolan McNeil, Rad Juli, J McLaughlin, Anna Kaliva, Terri Upton, Autumn Maxwell, Dave Lang, and Hank Pine.

Grayson's the one in the hat. On the right. With the accordion.